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Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That’s what I did when I ventured into real estate.

Helping others find their dream home while managing their financial expectations gives me immense satisfaction. After all, a home is not just the biggest investment most of us make, it’s also the place where our lives, dreams and future are created. Truth be told, I now work much harder than before.
To be a good real estate agent, we have to put in numerous hours doing legwork and constantly updating ourselves with the latest news and training that are relevant to our job and our clients’ needs. But there’s definitely no regrets on my part as my biggest reward is when clients thank me for a job well done. It’s not that difficult actually, because when I put my clients’ interest above all else, the motivation to succeed just comes naturally.

Strongly believing that “try” is never enough, he strives to bring the best value to his clients in their pursuit of a dream home. Having experience in all forms of real estate from residential to commercial, Frederick believe that the key to marketing and investing is to fully understand the Singapore’s market and make informed choices.

Frederick helped multiple clients in achieving record breaking prices for their home sale. One of his sale, a million dollar HDB in Yishun, even made it to the news. He strongly believes that the right marketing angle is crucial in bringing out the best value of the real estate. For home buyers, whether it is a resale or a new launch, Frederick understands that different buyers have their own sets of needs, and there’s always a need to strike an optimal between own-stay and investment. Taking care of your emotions and wallet is his main concern.

Prior to being in the real estate industry, Frederick is a research engineer and an entrepreneur who pays immense attention to details and is constantly in search of innovative breakthroughs. Coupled with his strong business acumen honed during the entrepreneurial journey of his 2 startups, his multifaceted nature allows for an all rounded consideration of real estate marketing and investment.

On a personal note, Frederick is an avid traveller, but no matter how far he goes, Singapore is always where the heart belongs. He truly believes “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” –George A. Moore. With a strong believe in this beautiful place we call home, he never fails to put a smile on his friends, family and neighbour whom have placed their faith and trust in him. Join him on your real estate journey, and be sure that you’ll enjoy every moment thereafter. 


在景能的房地产生涯里,他帮助过无数客户达到破纪录的售价。位于义顺的政府组屋还因以过于百万成功售出而上了头条。他坚信有着正确的行销策略就能让客户享有最好的回报。 面对买家,景能了解每个买家都有自己的需求。不论是自住或投资,他都能帮你找到最适合的项目。对他而言,房产不仅仅是数字,也有着厚厚的情感。


私下的他喜欢跑遍各地,体验不一样的文化,开拓视野。但就算寻遍天涯海角,也无法取代“家“的美。不忘校训,“立德立功,化愚化顽”,景能秉持着让每个朋友,家人,邻居在这房地产旅程充满欢乐的信念。 让景能陪同你展开你最璀璨的房地产旅程。

Being a real estate agent for more than a decade, Shirley found her passion in real estate, helping her client with their business needs. 

Shirley specialises in the non-residential part of business. Be it commercial, industrial, offices, factories or even retail shops, Shirley is here to listen to your needs, and advise you the space that suits your best. 

Having graduated with a diploma in interior design, she developed a keen eye for details and beauty. Shirley is also one who is able to spot the true value of products, and with her by your side, you are sure to get the best value out of your investment. 

Embark on your real estate journey with Shirley, and let her get you the best possible deal for your dream workplace.

Together with his then girlfriend, Jedaiah made his first property purchase for the primary purpose of investment, with the flexibility of serving as a personal home. As part of this decision making process, he charted out a 5 year roadmap, accounting for the next property investment and family planning needs. Life ensures things are never as boring as version 1 of the plan.

He presently has 2 kids and a helper and is relieved to have catered for the need for space in his planning. It being a new launch development with a lead time to build, he had to stay flexible (to continue to be cost effective), while making carefully considered plans for the good of the family – the decision to rent. Surely, the Covid-19 pandemic did not help the situation.

Armed with this experience, Jedaiah looks forward to walking his clients through their personal property journeys; equipped with the right set of tools and analysis to make the right decision for their families.


Mark is dedicated to what he believes in, and he believes home is where the heart lies.

A family man with 2 kids, he understands that home is not just a shelter; home is also where memories are created with your loved ones. Hence, searching for the dream home is a high priority for many people; no effort should be spared.

Coupled with an IT background from his previous work experiences, the search is done systematically and effortlessly, making the journey a breeze and enjoyable for everyone.

With this in mind, Mark seeks to ensure that his clients find the dream home where their hearts will always be at


A strong believer of empowering people, EeVon aspires to enhance one’s life through a seamless real estate journey. Having been in the industry for 2 years, EeVon helped countless clients achieve their real estate goals, be it in terms of investment or to comfortably settle down in a new place they call home.

Being a Singapore PR, she’s been through the transition of leaving her homeland to venture into this new and foreign land. She understands the challenges one would face to ease into a new environment, and is well-versed in the intricate details of settling down in this new environment.

A woman of great strength and perseverance, EeVon is here to share her experiences with you, and to take you on flight to your better future.